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Welcome to Oversuler

Hello dear visitor, and welcome to Oversouler, a space where holistic Deeper Life Coaching, meditation practice, healing music and writing merge together. My name is Svemir Vranko -  a holistic  Deeper Life Coach with focus on yoga and meditation practice, discovery of life purpose, innovation and your startup success. Radiant Coaching Academy  with Dez Stephens and her Radiant teachers which is based in Tampa, Florida is my place to meet and find inspiration and support. In 1990 I was helping forming Anti War Campaign in Croatia leading The Doors of Peace project organizing concerts for peace, worked with refugee kids in refugee camps in Croatia and helped forming of Peace Studies in Croatia. Anti War Campaign was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 1996 and won The Right Livelihood Award in 1997 .  Also I was one of the first conscious objectors in Croatia and was awarded with civil service in 1990 which I used to work with Bosnian refugees helping them to find comfort and new life