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Discovering Oversouler Meditation

Oversouler Meditation bliss generated with Dall-E Circle of friends Last Sunday I was invited to the city of Koprivnica, Croatia to hold a course on Oversouler Meditation (OM) — my contribution to the practice of yoga & meditation based on my over 500 hours of training and 20+ years of experience in the field of inner exploration arts. OM is a three-part meditation practice that includes breathing, focusing on the mantra and just being. My friend gathered a group of eight people, some of them had prior experience in meditation and some were totally beginners. During 2 hour workshop I tried to introduce them to the art of meditation. East meets West I started by explaining the difference between Western and Eastern approaches to meditation. In Western thought, meditation is presented with the idea of pondering about some subject with intense concentration, and in the Eastern concept of meditation that would be just the beginning called in Yoga  dharana  — concentration. Prolonged co