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Half closed eyes of Buddha

Photo by  Nandha kumar PJ  on  Unsplash   As a piece of text in our recent song says:   “This world is illusion, illusion to conquer.”   the life seems to be exploration which starts like a tabula rasa, an empty chalkboard.   As a new born child human being is being written on its chalkboard of consciousness, allowing and needing input of mother -father interaction, siblings, bigger family, language, sounds, food, colors of their home, explored spaces. As children we are opening our mind eyes to the world and like a sponge we are feeding on impressions in a process of becoming a “formed person". This is a process of education, beside just formal one also experiential, the one which builds our character based on imprints of the world. Eyes wide open My father was a second world war refugee. As a 12 year old he experienced a horror of war as his village was being surrounded by the soldiers and burned down. He and his mother got captured with thousands of other civilians from his and

A pearl of wisdom

  Today was a sunny day and us couple of friends had a coffee in caffe Sun (Croatian: Sunce) at Zagreb market. There I met a ceramic craftsman and artist Aldo. He was talking about his view on life and one pearl of wisdom which came from his life view was: “Matter is diluted spirit, spirit is diluted matter.” This pearl of wisdom reminded me of old alchemic Tetragramaton formula of transmutation of elements from earth, water, fire and air back into the element of earth. This simple formula, when applied, might change life, cause no matter where we start we can always move forward. From the world of ideas and inspiration to materialisation and realisation and from little every day steps like collecting bricks for a stowe or a house. Coincidentally, a friend of mine, a photographer who was also at the same caffe, came to our rooftop for yoga class in Zagreb, Croatia. He saw 4 bricks laying there in one corner, abandoned. He asked me if he can take those bricks. “Of course” I replied, as