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                             ZERTIFIZIERTE HOLISTISCH COACH-AUSBILDUNG mit  ICF accreditation  by Radiant Coaches Academy - USA Coaching Study - Generated with AI Coaching Ausbildung Leiter: Svemir Vranko mag. edu. und Radinat Coaches Academy Quest online  Kontakt: Ich lade Sie ein, an der Online-Ausbildung zum zertifizierten ganzheitlichen Coach in Kroatisch/Englisch teilzunehmen, die ich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Radiant Coaches Academy aus USA, Florida leite. Die Schulung umfasst insgesamt 125 Stunden (Live-Zoom-Kurse, Online-Selbstlernplattform, Praktika) für PCC Zertifikation bei ICF und Sie können jederzeit einsteigen und in Ihrem eigenen Tempo Fortschritte machen. Das Zertifikat wird von der International Coaching Federation (ICF) anerkannt, die weltweit als Goldstandard für professionelles Coaching gilt. Erfüllen Sie Ihren Lebenszweck, indem Sie anderen helfen. Warum sich für eine Schulung anmelden: • Sie sind von Natur aus einfühlsam und unterstützen o

Oversouler Meditation Course

Oversouler Mediation (OM) Course  Meditation master course by Svemir Vranko  Order Your OM Course here: When I was 15 years old I would put one side of the record Tubular Bells composed by Mike Oldfield and sit in the dark until that side was finished.  Back in the 80-ties in Croatia (then part of socialist former Yugoslavia), it was not easy to learn the art of meditation. There were courses in bigger cities like Zagreb but in my birth town Krizevci I was one of the rare to have an interest in meditation.  There was just one book about meditation but it was rather theoretical without practical instruction. Then I found an ad in an old newspaper that promoted several books on yoga and hermeticism by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski and I ordered them from Belgrade. Also, I ordered a book Yoga and Sport and Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian.  Equipped with literature that gave practical instructions I started

De-Stress coloring book — my Amazon KDP journey

  Mandala book creation story Peaceful New Year’s Days inspired me to create a mandala coloring book which I decided to publish on Amazon. The idea was planted by a business coach to which email list I subscribed. What he did not say is that there are a couple of legal things to watch out for if you create images with AI. Lately, I got inspired by Bing Chat which has integrated ChatGPT 4 with DALL E 3 image creation for free and played with image creation for my personal use as Christmas and New Year greetings to friends like this one as peace is something we take for granted and is so much related to freedom of expression and humanity progression. My first creations were winter bunnies for kids coloring book and all in my house said that now they are sure that I am getting nuts for creating them. Winter bunnies were the main subject for days. Then I decided to make images of other animals in winter domestic and wild ones and I got over 200 pictures of them which I reduced to 120 and p