A pearl of wisdom

 Today was a sunny day and us couple of friends had a coffee in caffe Sun (Croatian: Sunce) at Zagreb market. There I met a ceramic craftsman and artist Aldo. He was talking about his view on life and one pearl of wisdom which came from his life view was:

“Matter is diluted spirit, spirit is diluted matter.”

This pearl of wisdom reminded me of old alchemic Tetragramaton formula of transmutation of elements from earth, water, fire and air back into the element of earth. This simple formula, when applied, might change life, cause no matter where we start we can always move forward. From the world of ideas and inspiration to materialisation and realisation and from little every day steps like collecting bricks for a stowe or a house.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine, a photographer who was also at the same caffe, came to our rooftop for yoga class in Zagreb, Croatia. He saw 4 bricks laying there in one corner, abandoned. He asked me if he can take those bricks. “Of course” I replied, as after the last earthquake there were bricks laying around everywhere and knowing that he is collecting bricks for his ceramic art stove on island of Bisevo, Croatia.

Now, the question is, when and how he is going to bring those bricks to the island which is literally 24 hours away. He has no car and his partner is just about to give birth. I was amazed by his determination to collect those bricks and bring them to the last frontier of Croatia in the middle of Adriatic sea.

Just like in old Slavic saying: “Grain by grain a cake, stone by stone a palace.”

Svemir Vranko photography
Bisevo island, Svemir Vranko photographyⓇ

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Article written by Svemir Vranko, holistic Deeper Life Coach


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