Oversouler Meditation Course

Oversouler Mediation (OM) Course 

Meditation master course by Svemir Vranko 

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When I was 15 years old I would put one side of the record Tubular Bells composed by Mike Oldfield and sit in the dark until that side was finished. 

Back in the 80-ties in Croatia (then part of socialist former Yugoslavia), it was not easy to learn the art of meditation. There were courses in bigger cities like Zagreb but in my birth town Krizevci I was one of the rare to have an interest in meditation. 

There was just one book about meditation but it was rather theoretical without practical instruction. Then I found an ad in an old newspaper that promoted several books on yoga and hermeticism by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski and I ordered them from Belgrade. Also, I ordered a book Yoga and Sport and Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian. 

Equipped with literature that gave practical instructions I started my personal training in breathing, yoga, and meditation. At that time I would meditate up to three times a day around 30 min per meditation. 

A year later I had a major experience in meditation which gave me direct insight that we are much more than a body and even much more than a mind. You can read my story titled A Deep Meditation Experience about this exceptional event here:

 https://medium.com/@svemir.vranko/samadhi-experience-ce1a0a093019? sk=56da9af36f246ff1deba48ee8235c5eb

I hold master's degree in Education by the University of Zagreb, Completed 300 CYT by the European Yoga Federation and 200 CYT by Bosdphere School for Yoga, also I am a Meditation and Breathwork certified teacher by J. Fleming and a Certified Holistic Coach by Radiant Coaches Academy based in Florida, USA where I serve as a teacher of Meditation practices and Self Healing Methods. 

Last three years I worked in the Tesla electric cars company in Zagreb, Croatia as a Tesla Advisor. My passions are renewable energy and the preservation of oceans, meditation, singing and writing, and enjoying being in nature in all forms. 

I am the author of the booklet Sound Healing – Good Vibes for bBody and Soul with Om Didge music for sound healing through deep mental reset.

I am a singer, song, and lyrics writer in Super Grouper progressive rock band. In this Oversouler Meditation journey by the end of which you will be able to meditate on your own using OM method. 

Also if you fill out and send me a questionnaire which is given on the first day of the course I will send you a personalized mantra for meditation.

Mantra is helping you to replace a stream of thoughts with a single word without meaning. In this course, you will learn how to use mantras for meditation, learn posture suitable for meditation, different breathing methods to help you in the meditation process, and how to incorporate meditation into your everyday activities. 

Allow me to take you to this lifelong journey which starts with this course and ends in you being the embodiment of the old Greek saying "Know thyself"*. *Greek: Γνῶθι σαυτόν, gnōthi sauton - a maxim which was inscribed upon the Temple of Apollo in the ancient Greek oracle of Delphi.

If you like to join the course please drop me a note at: oversouler.com@gmail.com




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