A Deep Meditation Experience


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Diving slowly into mental silence ignites the inner Sun.” Svemir Vranko

Mediative contemplation or samadhi can be defined in many ways, as degrees of knowing sublime states of mind, as a state of unity consciousness in which a human being enjoys his own transcendental nature, and as a method that can be applied through various states of samyama (unified focus of concentration, meditation and contemplation) as transmitted in the tradition of yoga and Buddhist thought.

The experiences of the state of samadhi are not only exclusive to the sages of the past, but in different ways levels and depth of experience are described by today’s teachers, as well as by regular and occasional meditators, in the recent past, throughout history and today.

My first samadhi experience

At the age of 16, I had about a year of regular meditation experience. Usually that would be around 30 min meditation but this time I extended an evening meditation up to 40 min.

 Young, hypersensitive and pure I had a movement of my intention as devotion to the Divine. I surrendered my soul to the endless expanse in the realm above my head. 

That movement of the soul led to a kind of response that began as an announcement of the arrival of blessings from above and that, like an energy shower, descended over the top of my head through the spine and the whole body in the form of pleasant waves of energy, electric tingling sensations and divine grace.

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I immediately passed that blessing on, as a blessing for the entire planet and all the beings on it, and that movement of giving up keeping that blessing for myself led to the awakening of energy at the base of the spine, which began to rise up through the width of the entire torso as a bright vibrating consciousness.

As this vibrating, blissful transcendental energy of consciousness approached the chest area, I began to breathe more intensely and my heart began to beat rapidly from the incoming energy and feeling of elation.

Third eye — a portal to inner light

The ascension of that quivering wave made it to the forehead and at that moment the thoughts stopped, and my consciousness, focused on the forehead area, emerged in a dazzling white light in which there was nothing but that experience.

It was as if I immersed myself in a pool of milk with my eyes open, in which each molecule of that whiteness is a small sun. In that state, my body, the room and the house where I was meditating temporarily disappeared, and the whole world also disappeared.

                                                                Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

All that remained was this dazzling light in which there was no thought, but only a feeling of elation and energetically elevated bliss. There was a feeling of fear and the first thought: “Will I ever be able to think again?” along with the question of whether I will ever be able to return from this state of non-existent mental activity.

When I opened my eyes, my body and the room and the house were still there, and the experience of blissful swaying and flashing in my head continued for some time. That experience, which still resonates in me today is still a reference for all other experiences of a similar character that I have either experienced, read, listened to or seen in others.

In order to experience this profound state of mind there were couple of elements needed: innocent devotion, grace, passing on received blessing and allowing things to happen. The gift of samadhi was a gift of so called “kundalini energy”, the energy which direction is from the fiery core of the planet, up through the spine.

I gradually learned that these elevated states of consciousness are the basis of yogic and Buddhist teachings and that there are scriptures and generations of yogis and monks who have explored it.

In order to deepen your knowledge and read similar experiences I would recommend books:

“Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man” by Gopi Krishna,

“The Awakening West : Evidence of a Spreading Enlightenment” by John Lumiere-Wins and Lynn Marie Lumiere,

“Waking From Sleep: Why Awakening Experiences Occur and How to Make them Permanent” by Steve Taylor

“Yoga Sutras” by Patanjali.

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Article written by Svemir Vranko, holistic Deeper Life Coach


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